This is a podcast test.  Yes, fun things coming in 2012!


For the folks who listened to the classic moon segments before the live stream of this episode, a recap of what you heard:

Before the show started live, we be re-played portions of two “classic” episodes of Wake Up And Smell The Moon originally heard on WUJC August 8th, 1992 and September 19th 1993.  — Complete with the old WUJC breaks, promos and all!

EPISODE 9 Podcast

This time around CG and Don did their part to make the online video of a broken radio station posted by Dustin Hostetler go viral.  This hilarious clip is of a radio station with a broken automation system repeating the phrase “Final Reduction” or something over and over.  This went on long enough for Dustin to grab his camera and document it for 30 mins.   The perfect 4/4 time of the phrase spawned two techno beat versions of the technical malfunction.

version 1

version 2

Rolf also chimes in to announce his move to Virginia.

(Yes, we know that the podcast file says episode #10….OOPS!)

Rolf returns to Wake up and smell the moon!  Ed, Don, and CG catch up with him, and each other after being away from the mics for several months.

  • Post thanksgiving show…Older family members on medications…which leads into a discussion on Pharm parties…

    • Can you joke about Obama?

    • Ed’s expeiences with the fuel shortage after hurricane Ike.

    • 3 year old ben joins us

And, the crew find another You Tube nugget…the Cuba Gooding Jr. Cialis commercial spoof….